Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trupti Salwi

E-mail: truptisalwi@yahoo.com



To work with a great team that expands my horizons and to work at a place I can be proud for the work I do.


An alumni of AnimationMentor.com,
online school of advanced character animation. March 2008 to December 2009, successfully completed.

Crest Animation Studios
Oct 2001 - March 2009
Character Animator - Responsible for creating all aspects of production Modeling, Texturing, rendering and key frame animation.

Lions Gate Family Entertainment August 2006 to March2008
Lead Animator
The Alpha and Omega – Full length 3D movie
Episodes In Charge
• 2005: Word World (Maya) – is a children's educational television show that is shown on PBS (Led a team of 30+ artists over 8 episodes delivered successfully)
· WordWorld has won three Emmy Awards. In 2009,

* Outstanding Children's Animated Program
* Outstanding Writing in Animation.
* Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Design (2008)

Character Animator
• 2005: Casper's Scare School (Maya) (2006) DVD

• 2004: Bratz and Bratz Ginie magic (Maya) (Mike Young Productions)

• 2003: Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks ( Softimage, XSI )
• ( Mike Young Productions, broadcast in the United States on PBS Kids )
• Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Animated Program (2006)
• Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program (2006)
• New York Festivals Gold World Medal Award in the Animation category for Youth/Young Adult Programs (2006)
• Bafta Awards for Best Animated Series in the International Category (2005)
• Gold Hugo Award in the Animated Series Category (2005)
• Silver Hugo Award in the Animated Series Category (2004)

AD film
Modeling and texturing :
2002: IKEA-international home products retailer that sells flat pack furniture.

2D and 3D mixed project: Have worked on Back grounds and modeling
2001: Ten Commandments (Softimage)

Awards and Accomplishments:

Graduation completed successfully in Drawing and Painting (1995 to 1999)

Award - "the Camlin art pvt, ltd." for The best sketching of the year 1997 and 1998
And for The best portrait of the year in 1998 as well.

Animation Mentors Feedback

Anthony Wong:- ( Senior Animator at Pixar )
Areas of strength: The most productive student in my class. Very fast. Passionate. Experienced animator. Eager to learn. Assignments always on time and good. Good participation in Q & A. The standard and character walks are great.

Nicole Herr (Senior Animator at Sony Imageworks)
Areas of strength: Trupti - I know you had a hard semester. Half way through you got sick, yet you kept going and turned in your assignments quick, getting as much into them as you could. I know it affected your semester. Thank you for keeping me & the school informed. Always asking good questions. Interesting concepts in your animations. Good understanding of weight.

Nick Bruno ( Senior Animator at Blue Sky Studios)
Areas of strength: CONCEPTS & IDEAS – You truly have some funny and entertaining ideas for your animations. For me personally this is the most important tool for any animator. After all we are in the business of entertaining people.

Dana Boadway ( A senior freelance animator )
I was lucky to have Dana twice as my Mentor for term 04 and 05.
Areas of strength: Takes direction well. good sense of character expression, and interaction between them on screen.
*Class05- Mentor Dana Boadway:-
Areas of strength: Trupti has come a long way this term with her visual storytelling skills. She's really improved her communication, and simplified and brought things to a level where they made a lot more sense for the audience. Her editing/continuity skills improved as well.

Michelle Meeker (Animation Consultant and Contractor)
Areas of strength: Trupti had a nice sense of pacing in her storytelling. She is good at taking direction and has a great attitude towards her work. She has a good overall sense of posing and how her character is staged in the frame.